Andy Dye III Golf Course Design

ANDY DYE III is the leading and next generation of DYE Legacy Golf Designers which had its ancestral beginnings in Urbana, Ohio in 1923 on the Johnson family farm by his grandfather Paul Dye Sr. , which was continued by Andys father  Roy "Andy" Dye and Uncle Pete Dye and many more Dyes to come. Andys award winning designs are all authentic, original and genuine, "hands on"  The Dye Tradition. As one of the world's foremost golf architects, the third generation Andy Dye III continues this tradition of Excellence , Vision and Original Dye Dynasty Design with respect for the past and a nod  for the Future -


Contact- 32 9 360 7034

"Work hard, and follow your heart with focus, discipline and passion. Without respect for the game, all of its history,foundations, traditions and those who have sacrificed and given so much for it in the past, there is nothing. It is all about respect for the great game of golf."

"Golf: Integrity, Honor, Trust, Character, Loyalty, Respect: Equals Credibility and Life." Golf!

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World Classic Golf Course
Laguna National Golf Club Singapore
The World Classic golf course is an original and inspired Andy Dye III design born of a bold dream with daring vision for the future and its foundation in the origins of golf.view video